Hi Again!

So, it has been ages since I have posted anything! I want to apologize, but I’m trying to stop doing that, so I will just say that there has been a lot going on in my life and sometimes you just need to take time out for yourself. I had all these major plans after exams to start blogging again and get back into things, but summer was just messy and tough. Some days were wonderful, but ultimately it led to some pretty shocking revelations about myself that I’m not sure whether to post online or not.

I am not going to promise to post weekly or regularly just yet because things are still tough, and I’m only taking things one day at a time.

I have recently found myself to be back in a decently good place, and I feel like I can take the time to actually sit down and write about things I love again and maybe even delve into what’s going on with me later on.

I hope that everybody is enjoying fall and building up the excitement for upcoming holidays! I’ve already started dreaming of Christmas vacation, this is one of my favourite times of the year!

Hopefully I can return to this space of the internet more often, and share fun things with you all once again!



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