London Calling

One of my favourite parts of attending university in England is the fantastic railway system. Back in Canada it’s safe to say our railway system is lacking just a tad. In England, I can hop a train and be anywhere in the country! If I book in advance and use my railcard it doesn’t cost much at all, and to me that’s amazing. Especially because being international, I want to see as much of the country as possible!


The fantastic railway system was one of the reasons that I was so excited when some people from my high school were having a London meet up. It was the perfect excuse to get away for a weekend and relax before we got into the thick of summative season. With this in mind, I booked a train and prepared for a weekend away.


I felt my travel day outfit deserved a somewhat sketchy mirror picture, mostly because this is one of my favourite shirts (please excuse how bad the lighting and everything is).


Having been in London many a time before, I decided to spend my one full day relaxing and walking. I went to one of my favourite streets, the Marylebone High Street. Of course I had to do some shopping alongside this.


I went for the most amazing breakfast to Le Pain Quotidien. This is probably one of my absolute favourite breakfast places and it was the perfect way to start the day off right.


I was just a tad excited when I discovered my parisian love, Claudie Pierlot had opened a shop in London. So I obviously had to make a purchase.



I went to one of my favourite teashops, Kusmi Tea. Absolute perfection!


I finally found and picked up the perfect ballet flats that I have been searching for. I found this gorgeous pair at French Sole.


The meet up was at a bar in Kensington and it was absolutely wonderful to catch up with people that I haven’t seen in such a long time. We stayed there for a while, and then eager to keep the night going, a couple of us went for a night walk along the River Thames. Safe to say, it was a fantastic evening!


The next day I had to catch a train back to get back to Durham in time for training. Sadly my trip seemed to come to an end so quickly. However, I did get to go for a guilty and delicious breakfast at Coco Momo, a restaurant near my hotel in Kensington.


This trip to London was so wonderful. It was great to meet up with people I haven’t seen in such a long time and catch up. Durham is a fantastic city, but it can feel rather small, so I think it’s good to get out at least once a term. I came back feeling rejuvenated and ready to work. It’s definitely important to get that time for relaxation in.


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