Five Favourites: February


It feels as though February just sped past. This month has been insanely busy! I have completed a full six summative essays with one more to go, so I am looking forward to the break that will come in March. Anyways, here are five miscellaneous things that I have been loving this month!


This perfume has been something I have been constantly reaching for this month. I bought this in Victoria, British Columbia after Christmas and the scent is so light and gorgeous! It smells like orange blossoms and coconut in my opinion. Plus, since I’m a synchronized swimmer, I like to think I’m a mermaid. That makes sense, right?


This lip combination is something I just decided to try out, and it has become a staple throughout February. My sister gave me the Clinique Chubby Stick tinted lip balm for Christmas. This is honestly such a cute pink lip colour! I added the NARS Orgasm lipgloss overtop and it just adds a golden pink glow. I think these will continue to be a favourite.


My mom bought me this Pyrrha talisman necklace while we were in Victoria as well. It is a beautiful silver talisman with three little gem stones that each represent something different. The talisman is supposed to represent the potential for greatness. I just love this piece of jewellery because it really means something to me.


Similar to the roses on Valentine’s Day, I have continued to buy fresh flowers all month long. I recently purchased these tulips and they have been holding up well. I just really love having fresh flowers on my desk to remind me that spring will be coming soon!

‘Bright’ by Echosmith has been on replay for a while this past month. I first heard their song ‘Cool Kids’ and as I explored more of their songs, I really fell in love with this one. It is relaxing and sweet and just gives me some joy!

So these have been a few things that I have been loving this month! I am really looking forward to seeing what March has to offer. March is probably one of my favourite months. Mind you this could possibly be because March is my birthday month, or because we have a five week Easter break from uni. Either way, I am really excited! I hope your February’s have been great, and that March has started off well! Let’s welcome spring!


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