Let’s reflect on Valentine’s Day

What better time to discuss Valentine’s Day than the week after? Now that everybody has come down from the high of that lovey dovey feeling in the air and all of the chocolate has been consumed, it is interesting to look back on this day devoted to love. Not to mention, I was crazy busy all week. In between essays and a trip to London (you’ll get to hear more about that later), I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and write.

Truth be told, I have never spent Valentine’s day with a significant other, it just hasn’t happened. Yet that doesn’t stop me from really liking Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why, but there is just something so nice about seeing all the pink and red hearts around the stores as well as the abundance of flowers!

Back in elementary school we would pick up the grocery store Valentine’s with pictures of Spongebob or the Powerpuff Girls on them. In high school we would send singing/dancing, rose, or candy grams. It was quite funny when Valentine’s Day would roll around and classes would be interrupted with hilarious dances and candy hearts.

Despite the fact that I don’t have a Valentine, doesn’t mean that I didn’t need to sit around on Valentine’s Day. I love spending Valentine’s Day with friends. Relaxing and having some girl time.


I decided to buy myself some roses. Mostly due to the fact that I love having fresh flowers on my desk while I work.


My friends and I went out for brunch to one of our favourite cafés in Durham! They make amazing breakfast croissants and green smoothies.

We ended off the evening with a movie night full of chocolate, tea, and great conversation! I introduced two of my friends  to one of my favourite movies, Midnight in Paris.

Little did I know, my sister and family would send the most amazing surprise in the mail on Tuesday! My late Valentine’s gift was ordered from Canada, but it was sent out from London. I had no idea that Ladurée sent macarons in the mail. It was the sweetest gift that I could every imagine.


So that was my Valentine’s Day, and it was really nice. It’s great to spend a day with your friends, or even relaxing on a night in. Valentine’s is still such a sweet time, and I think that as long as you keep an open mind, it can still be special without a significant other.


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